About Me

I am a Clinical Psychologist, Strategic Intervention Life Coach, workshop and group facilitator and a mummy.  

I am passionate about supporting parents to directly experience and apply their own wisdom and intuition to their relationships with their children, their whole families and themselves.  As a psychologist and strategic interventionist life coach, my role is to act as a guide and a facilitator to support parents to feel empowered to connect with, and respond to their children in a conscious and heart-full way, that is unique to their style of parenting.  Each and every parent is unique and each and every child is unique, and I help parents to find a way of relating to themselves and their children that feels aligned with their own intuition and is in harmony with their children's own unique way of being in the world.

I have 18 years experience working with children, parents and families in different capacities. From 2006 to 2018 I worked in the health service in Ireland in the area of clinical psychology and have worked with individuals at every life stage and from many cultures, supporting them witha wide range of difficulties and mental health issues.  Since 2010 I have been specifically working with children, young people, parents and families, providing individual psychological support as well as parenting groups and workshops. 

Before I worked clinically with individuals, I have had the privilege to work with many children and young people through various roles, such as a childcare provider, an educator and through doctoral research I carried out in the area of children’s imaginary thinking.  I attained my primary degree (B.A. Psychology), a Ph.D. through research and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (DClinPsych) in Trinity College Dublin. My greatest teachings have come to me not through books, but seeing my entire life as a teacher and opening up to every experience as a way to connect with my own empowered wisdom and intuition. 

I currently live in Co. Leitrim with my family. I have two young children who are, of course, my 'very greatest' teachers :)