Maternity Coaching

Inviting mothers to tap into their innate wisdom and to feel self-empowered in making mindful decisions for themselves and their families in all their roles before and after the birth of a new baby.

what is maternity coaching? 

Maternity coaching is typically defined as a supportive and practical coaching service that is offered to mothers who are transitioning back to the work-place following maternity leave. 

It is this, and so much more. 

In my role as a parenting and maternity coach, I see this very special life-stage as beginning before the birth of a new baby, and spanning well into the baby's second year of life - such are the immense and rapid changes that occur in a mother's life and her family's life during this time.  

As a mother who has worked as a clinical psychologist with children of all ages and their parents I see this life-stage as one of the most important and rich periods of life for both mummies and their babies alike. A life-stage that is full of change, excitement, amazing unfathomable potential, joy, tiredness (exhaustion!), sleep deprivation, unknown challenges and transitions, ups and downs, and sometimes a sense of losing one's own innate sense of wisdom and perceived identity. This stage of life can sometimes be marked as a crisis -  or as a fertile opportunity for a woman to really explore her values, gifts and how she is contributing to the world. 

When women are supported during this life-stage in an gently empowering, compassionate and practical way that it is in harmony with their own unique gifts that they bring to the world, it allows them (and their families) to thrive in all of their many roles. 

I am passionate about offering this support to mothers in this life-stage. 

I offer individual maternity coaching sessions ( 60 minutes, in person, by phone or Skype) * to:

  • Expectant mothers, as they prepare to transition to this new life stage, or as they prepare to welcome a new sibling into the family
  • New mothers - either for the first time or to a new infant in the expanded family - who are welcoming and getting to know their new infant
  • Mothers of babies and toddlers as they navigate these always new and colourful stages of infancy, early child-hood and motherhood
  • Mothers who are considering, or are preparing to return to the work-place following maternity leave or a longer period of leave
  • Mothers who are considering a new career or venture that is more aligned with their current life-stage

While I tailor the sessions to meet the unique needs and goals of each mother, general areas and themes that are covered include:

  • Mothers awakening to their own innate wisdom
  • Exploring identity as a mother
  • Stages of new parenthood and early childhood
  • Making mindful and empowered decisions
  • Mothers meeting their own needs, and the needs of others
  • Balancing the practical with the emotional aspect of being a mother

expectant and New Mothers

  • Psychological and emotional pre-natal care for mother and baby
  • Making mindful and empowered decisions about the birthing process
  • Reflecting on how two partners join together in a new way to parent their new baby
  • Mothers connecting with, and getting to know their new baby
  • Welcoming a new baby into the expanded family
  • Parents supporting their other children as they get to know their new sibling and adjust to this major life shift
  • Inviting in practical support that is aligned with the needs of the mother

mothers transitioning back to the work-place

There are typically three stages to this form of maternity coaching, each with a specific practical and emotional focus of support: 

  • Prior to leaving work and commencing maternity leave: focusing on any practical hand-overs that require completion and any liaison with supervisors, management, partners etc. Discussing the expectant mother's visions and plans for returning to work, and how this might look. Applying relevant strategies, to support mother and baby emotionally and practically. 
  • Nearing completion of maternity leave ( 6-4 weeks): Reviewing the mother's plans made before the birth and reflecting on how she is feeling now, and what her current vision is about returning to work. Supporting empowered decision making and open communication with management/partners in work. Reflecting on practical and emotional aspects of the imminent transition, child-care, logistics, shifts in routines, time management and the emotional experience of relating to baby in a new way as a working parent. Applying strategies that best meet the needs of the mother, her family and her work-place as she completes her leave and for the first few weeks back to work.
  • After return to work: An opportunity to review, reflect and really feel into how the transition is going for the mother as she adjusts to her new roles. A mix of both practical and emotional support to allow for true appraisal of how things are now, and to plan in a grounded way for the months ahead. 

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