Parenting Support

I offer individual coaching sessions ( 60 minutes, in person, by phone or Skype/Zoom) * for parents at any stage of parenting, including:

  • Expectant parents, as they prepare to transition to this new life stage, or as they welcome a new sibling into the family

  • Parents of infants and babies

  • Parents of children at any life stage from toddlers and pre-schoolers all the way up to the teenage years and young adulthood.

I offer support in any aspect of parenting, drawing from many years of experience working with parents, children, young people and families. Specific areas of interest are:

  • Empowering parents to trust their own innate wisdom and their own unique style of parenting

  • Encouraging parents to allow and befriend their own emotional experiences and connect in a responsive, loving and mindful way with themselves and their children

  • Supporting parents to become aware of and work with the difficult and limiting patterns of their past that often show up in the parent-child relationship

  • How parents can support their children to allow and befriend their often over-whelming emotions.

  • How parents can support their children in overcoming anxiety and in stepping into their potential and own unique way of being.

  • How parents can support their Highly Sensitive Children to navigate and shine in what often seems to be an over-whelming world.

Fees: Initial consultation, up to 1.5 hours: 150 euro

Subsequent one hour sessions: 100 euro

Cancellation Policy

Please try to give as much notice as possible if you need to cancel so that we can reschedule.

Cancellation 2 working days prior to appointment: No charge 

Cancellation within 24 hours of appointment: 50% of fee due 

For those who do not attend on the day and give no notice : 100% of fee due

for a consultation ( in person/by phone/skype) or to learn more, please click on 'the Get in Touch' button or call

All sessions, whether they are workshops, groups or individual sessions will be treated with confidentiality. There are a few exceptions to this confidentiality agreement however:

1) In group and workshop settings we will all agree verbally at the beginning of each session to treat any information that is shared with confidentiality. It is the responsibility of the individual group members to abide by their agreement, and respect the privacy of the other group members at all times.

2) If during the course of a session, information is shared with me that indicates that a child / young person under the age of 18 years is being harmed in any way, or is at the risk of being harmed or has been harmed in the past, I am obliged to pass this information on Tusla, the Child & Family Agency.  I will start this process only after I have spoken with the individual who has shared the information, and their parents / guardians, if applicable.