Parenting Programmes

Anxiety and your child

a Group for Parents on how to support your child when anxiety happens

This group offers parents an opportunity to come together in a safe and expansive space to reflect on how we can best support our children when they experience anxiety.  We will explore evidence-based approaches that have been shown to be effective in empowering parents to better understand anxiety in children and young people and how best to support and Be with their children when they are experiencing anxiety and its associated difficulties. We will weave a mindfulness approach into each week as we explore each theme.

This group will be held once a week for two hours for 7 weeks

Themes and evidence-based approaches we will explore will include:

  • The link between anxious feelings, thoughts and behaviours
  • Self-esteem and how best we can nourish this in our children
  • How we can support our children to approach common difficulties from a fresh, empowered place
  • How best we can support our children to navigate big over-whelming emotions
  • Technology, anxiety and well-being
  • How we can support ourselves more as parents

This group is about a mix of practical, gentle and mindful ways to support our children when they feel anxious. While this group will have a general structure, it may change, depending on the needs and requests of the group itself.

Who is it for?

This group is for parents of children and young people of any age between 4 years and 17 years

Research shows that one of the most effective ways of alleviating the experience of anxiety in children is to support parents' empowerment in how they approach their children's experience of anxiety. 

It is for parents who are seeking a fresh and effective way to tap into their wisdom about how to support their children with this common and pervasive difficulty. 

It is for parents who would like to take a big deep breath and listen to the quiet within their hearts on being a parent.

Venue: To be announced

When: Dates and times to be announced


Prices vary depending on one or two parents attending. 

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